★ SmartRedirect ★ Redirect Players to new server.

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★ SmartRedirect ★ Redirect Players to new server.

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SmartRedirect allows you as an Admin to Redirect players from 1 server to another instantly.
for example: lets say you are migrating your server over from NZ to AUS. All players currently play on the NZ Server
and you want them all to move over to the AUS Server.

couple of things here ,
1. moving players.
2. Setting up new favorite for players pointing to the new server in their browser windows.

Sending players to a new server is easy.. but if they disconnect from the server then they are lost , and can only use the internet browser
to find the server again. this problem can be addressed in a number of ways.
1. spam the player on the new server with ServerAdds telling them to update their favorites to the New Server! (which only a small percentage will read and action)
2. automatically create a new favorite with the new server being redirected to.
This is what SmartRedirect does. It not only Redirects Players to a New Server of your choosing *BUT* also creates a new Favorite for the new server in the clients browser!

-When clients goto the old server , they are redirected to the new server and their favorites are updated accordingly if they press F5 in there Favorites Browser window the new server will appear!

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//                        SmartRedirect v2 by ProAsm & noOne

Installing SmartRedirect

The following files need to be in the UnrealTournament\System folder.



This version requires a server package in the UnrealTournament.ini file


The SmartRedirect.ini file
ServerURL=(ServerName="Another UT Server",IPAddress="123.456.789.123",Port="7777")

This is the servers you wish to redirect a player to.
Servername is just for Admins Refference.

If you permanently redirecting to another server then remove all mutators, packages etc from the current server.
Only have SmartRedirect on this server, in this way things will travel a lot faster.
SmartRedirect will also add the new server to your UT Browser favorites if its not already there.

NB: SourceCode in tact for others to learn from.
have added SmartRedirect2 , which is useful if you are using mapvote to redirect players to multiple servers. If using just one overall redirecting service then just use SmartRedirect.
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