CTF-1on1-NOTjoust rework

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CTF-1on1-NOTjoust rework

Post by KillRoy1972 »

Hey everyone,

Been playing around with my old CTF-1on1-Joust map, and since its very popular within the community (EatSleepUT) I worked a Christmas version of the map.

The map was received with open arms, I thought it would be fun to open the map up more with a snowy outside area, Upgrade the textures to 4X and have some more fun with it.

The result is CTF-1on1-Notjoust (because it isn't jousting where you are spawned at the enemy base, take flag, and joust your way to your own base, spawned with enemy players.)

Will release a BETA later..
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Re: CTF-1on1-NOTjoust rework

Post by darkbarrage99 »

looks nice! i love winter themed maps
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Re: CTF-1on1-NOTjoust rework

Post by Baardman »

Very nice, heel mooi.