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FunkyMoves is a mutator focused on transporting, like teleporting to players and checkpoints.
Name: FunkyMoves
Version: 1r4
Author: Francesco Biscazzo
Date: 2019
Description: FunkyMoves is a mutator focused on transporting.

NOTE: Thanks to iSenSe to have tested the mutator with me.

NOTE: The "COMMON" version of the ini/s is setup with values used commonly between servers.

- cmd: Displays this thing;
- spawn: Teleports you to a PlayerStart;
- cp: Creates a checkpoint;
- prevcp: Moves your CP to a previous location;
- nocp: Deletes your checkpoint;
- gocp: Teleports you to your checkpoint;
- go <player_name>: Teleports you to the first player found with a similar player_name;
- goview: Teleports you to the viewing player;

Configurable settings (FunkyMoves.ini):
- bLogs: If true, logs are enabled. Default: False;
- bCmdInform: If true the players will be told the command to print all the available commands;
- cmdFormatting: Symbol/s to be put at the start of a message to be interpreted as a command. Default: "/";
- bCmdFormattingMutate: If true cmdFormatting must be put when using "mutate" command. Default: False;
- maxCPs: Max amount of checkpoints that can be spawned. When reached, checkpoints will start to recycle. Default: 3;
- bTeleportEffect: If true the GameType's teleport effect will be spawned at target location when teleporting. Default: True;
- bCPOnlyOwnerSee: If true only the owner can see its checkpoints;
- customTexture;
- customMesh;
- customSkin;
- customMultiSkins (Array);
- bCustomMeshEnviroMap;
- bCustomUnlit;
- customAnimSequence;
- customAnimRate;
- customDrawScale;
- customStyle;
- customAmbientGlow;

- Minor bug fixes;
- Added customization for FMCheckPoint;
- Fixed a dependency;
- Added "goview" command;
- Major changes;
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