FunkyPointer v1

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FunkyPointer v1

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Here's a zip file containing a package with a pointer that points to a location while being sticked on the screen.
If you're a developer you can make the pointer visible on the clients HUD and make it point towards a specified location by implementing the example code present in the zip file, this code shows you a way to implement it within a custom game type.

Name: FunkyPointer
Version: 1
Author: Francesco Biscazzo
Date: 2020
Copyright: All rights reserved.
Description: Just a pointer that points to a location while being sticked on the screen.

You can see how it looks like by playing the gametype contained in the example package (FunkyPointerExample_v1.ExampleGame), there's a script called ucc_server.bat that starts a server locally with the said gametype. By default the gametype makes the arrow to point towards (0, 0, 0).

The source code for the pointer and the example are both included, the example also includes exec commands to set various settings, these commands are:
- togglePointer: Toggles the pointer visibility;
- pointer<Left|Right|Up|Down>: Moves the pointer a bit towards the respective direction;
- <dec|inc>PointerScale: Respectively decrements or increments the pointer scale a bit;
- resetPointer[Offsets|Scale|Mesh]: Resets the settings for the respective category or for all the categories if no category is specified;
- setPointerMesh(mesh): Sets the pointer mesh with the given mesh class;

There is also a setting that cannot be set through an exec command, this setting is bDrawPointerBehindHUD, if the setting is set to True the pointer will be drawn behind the HUD, it will be drawn ahead of the HUD otherwise.

For those who won't check the code and the meshes until December, a lil easter egg will be visible (client-side) on December if no custom mesh has been set ;)
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